Three people have been killed, including a seven-year-old girl, and 28 more injured after militants shelled residential areas of government-held West Aleppo, reports RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev, who is there and has spoken to those injured.


The attacks lasted for hours and targeted West Aleppo’s Hamdaniya district and Salah-Eddin neighborhood, Gazdiev said, citing his sources on the ground.


“Today’s barrage began in the early hours of the morning, at dawn. It lasted through to midday. And that is perhaps the worst possible time, as hundreds of thousands of children and adults go to school and to work,” the RT reporter said. “The casualties at this time are always high,” he stressed.



Following the devastating shelling, Gazdiev witnessed the wounded people brought to the hospital first hand. He managed to speak to one resident who was injured, but survived the attack.


“I was in my stall talking to a customer. And I felt something hit my shoulder and neck. I saw all the people dive down and fall… There was a scream, I don’t know from where. The next moment I’m at the hospital,” he told RT.


According to the man, one of the shells hit a “vegetable and fruit market.”