The Russian Foreign Ministry’s official website has been hacked, ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told Russian media, adding that an investigation is currently underway. 




“The website has been hacked. By whom – that’s what the experts are trying to figure out,” Zakharova told the Govorit Moskva radio station.


Earlier, a hacker named ‘the Jester’ claimed he had penetrated the website and left a note there, CNN reported.


“Comrades! We interrupt regular scheduled Russian Foreign Affairs Website programming to bring you the following important message,” the alleged note said.
“Knock it off. You may be able to push around nations around you, but this is America. Nobody is impressed,” it added.


The ministry website can be accessed as usual at the moment.


Earlier in October, Washington accused Moscow of hacking the email accounts of US officials and organizations. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has dismissed those accusations as“nonsense.”


The Foreign Ministry’s website regularly faces hacking attacks, a ministry source told RIA Novosti, adding that “experts are now checking what has happened to the website.”


“As soon as we get reliable information, we’ll share it. The website of the Foreign Ministry is regularly subjected to hacking attacks.”