The politician and journalist from Montenegro, Coordinator of the Movement “No to War – No to NATO” Igor Damjanovic commented to News Front the results of the fateful elections. It will be recalled that during the ballot tremendous number of violations had been recorded and now the opposition forces do not recognize the election results. 


Igor Damjanovic


I fully agree that the conditions in which the elections took place are unacceptable, said Igor Damjanovic. In addition to the manipulation, vote-buying and forged documents, on the eve of the election were arrested a large number of opposition activists, opponents of the regime received threats of physical violence. Besides the manipulations, vote-buying and fake documents, a large number of opposition activists were arrested on the eve, opponents of the regime received physical intimidation. Also arrived thousands of immigrants who does not have the right to participate in elections, according to the Montenegrin legislation. On the very day of ballot, an attempt to mount a coup d’etat and terrorist act had been staged which could serve as a pretext for Djukanovic’s regime to impose a state of emergency, and in case of failure – to cancel the election results. 


As to opposition, seven separate political forces opposed Djukanovic’s party. Democratic Front, The Key coalition, Democrats in general have received 1% more than Djukanovic. But since they are segmented into three separate lists, the DPS has one more mandate as a result. 


In my opinion, the only positive in the results of the ballot is a direct confirmation that the majority of Montenegrins are against NATO membership. We will get about 60% of citizens if we add a third of the DPS voters to the opposition parties, and who do not agree that their country should become a member of the alliance.