Washington’s threats against Russia voiced almost every day show that the Obama administration is feeble, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told reporters on Monday.


“As for threats, and there is a flow of them from Washington, and they do not stop for any day, we have the only answer: this is proof that the US administration is weak and lacks a tool in its arsenal that allows making agreement on a real basis,” Ryabkov said.


According to the diplomat, the US should be aware that threats against Russia will fail to achieve the expected aims.


“We keep asking officials in Washington to get back down to earth. We are asking them to take things as they are, and not have illusory hopes that yelling, threatening gestures or bad manners for which there should be no place in inter-state relations they will achieve the expected aims,” he said.


“It’s been a while so that the authors of Washington’s so-called sanctions policy could understand the zero result of using the threats of sanctions and the sanctions themselves from the viewpoint of their interests,” Ryabkov said. “Any hostile actions against Russia will not go unanswered.”