Serbian politician Miroslav Parovic who attended the elections in Montenegro, gave a commentary to News Front in Podgorica.


The elections were held under the shadow of the arresting a group of people from Serbia, headed by the former commander of the gendarmerie, Mr. Dikic who allegedly prepared the attacks in Montenegro.This has raised a wave in Serbia; police leadership and the country in general made it clear that our state doesn’t affect the events in Montenegro in any way.


I am sure that the opposition will win, the official results will show it soon. But if all of a sudden, theoretically, Djukanovic will remain in power, I can not imagine how Montenegro and Serbia will cooperate after that, if we were accused of terrorism today.


Speaking on the impact Montenegrin elections in the Balkans in general, Parovic remembered another recent event in the region: a referendum in the Republika Srpska and the victory of the Serb candidate during the elections in Srebrenica.


“It is a symbolic victory over the geopolitical paradigm that created the entire Balkan situation in the 90s and 2000s. t was a good indicator of future aspirations. And if the preliminary results would be confirmed, it will mean the continuation of a new policy paradigm in the Balkans”.


“That would be the end of the leader from the 90s reigning and the establishment of new processes”.