Today’s Parliamentary elections were called fateful. The future government will have to decide on the country’s accession to the EU and NATO either on a referendum on those issues. Organized opposition stands against Milo Djukanovic’s party who is on power for 27 years already. 


People who attended the polls give different answers to the question on what will happen next. Some say that nothing will change, others believe in positive changes. 


“The country has become very poor. It would be difficult to remedy the situation, no matter who comes to power”, said one of the voters.



Nevertheless, the ballot marked a record turnout for the country. At 17:00 local time, it reached 61.2%.


Multiple violations on polling stations are fixed across the country. Moreover, numerous facts of bribing voters  had been revealed (some of them demanded money right at the polling station), as well as the machinations around foreigners.