Earlier on Thursday, Trump claimed that he was going to sue the New York Times for libel after the newspaper has published an article about two women accusing him of inappropriate physical advances toward them.




Trump categorically denied the accusations, stating they were totally and absolutely false. Trump also said he will present evidence to refute the claims, and moreover would take legal action against the newspaper.


The New York Times editorial responded to Trump’s lawyer by saying that they would welcome the opportunity to have a court set him straight.


“The greatest weapon welded by crooked Hillary is “Clintons” and the corporate media are wanting the same. They collaborate and they conspire together.”


Trump added that he has been unfairly attacked by the New York Times and other media, over his alleged sexual misconduct.


I think I had three stories on the front page today. Who ever heard of three?” Trump continued.” I guess it sells newspapers, unfortunately.”


In the course of the US presidential campaign, the mainstream media has widely criticized Trump for his statements and proposed policies, while Trump has repeatedly charged that the media outlets are some of the “worst people” because they misstate or outright mischaracterize his statements and views.