The Internet has lately been filled with pictures of American military pilots rushing towards their fighters that resemble Russia’s Su-34, painted in a recognizable light blue paintscheme that has never been used in the US military, but is routinely used by the Russian Air Force.


Repainted jets


But this was not a demonstration of US pilots’ reluctance to fly American warplanes provoked by the fact that US military contractors failed to deliver a competitive fifth-generation fighter, alas. Though it’s true that the Lockheed Martin F-35 has been a bitter failure riddled by harsh criticism from all sides, including the American “hawk in chief” – Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services, John McCain.


What we’ve seen on the pictures is the direct implementation of the notorious American “plan B” in Syria, so now pro-American “eye-witnesses” could not simply claim that they’ve witnessed an Russia’s involvement in alleged “war crimes” somewhere Aleppo and other Syrian cities. They would now be able to provide pictures taken with their mobile devices to show the “evidence of criminal Russian activities in Syria”. Somewhere in Washington has definitely assumed that the whole world would echo the demands of their obedient British and French puppets to hold an “international tribunal on Russia’s aggression”after seeing those pictures.


Once the United States began to repaint its warplanes in Syria in the colours of the Russian military camouflage, it became fairly obvious that America’s F-18 are fairly similarto the Russian Su-34 in appearance. In fact, only a military expert can tell a difference, but only when pictures are presented n high resolution. The folding wings of the American F-18 can only be seen in a taxiway, as for the vertical stabilizers of the F-18, they are only slightly different from the Russian Su-34 at its sloping sides.


Thus, if an American jet is be filmed with somebody’s shaking hands on a smartphone, or even a semi-professional camera, it will be virtually indistinguishable from the Su-34.


The only notable distinguishing marks left on the repainted F-18 is a white star on a dark background. However, it’s tail is featuring now a bright red star, the same all Russian’s military jets bear.


In such circumstances, an American F18, while being virtually indistinguishable from a Russian jet, can launch, wittingly or unwittingly, a classic false flag attack. The possible targets are a plenty: humanitarian convoys, residential areas, or even US military personnel. Should this attacked be filmed, Washington will end up having “irrefutable evidence” of a “bloody Russian aggression.”


As a matter of fact, Russia is being accused of all mortal sins on the daily basis, but the problem is that nobody seen any wrongdoing on Moscow’s part, and there’s been no evidence presented that could withstand any scrutiny. So Washington doesn’t think it’s too much of a pain to repaint its aircraft on such an occasion.


But it must be pointed out that this attempt to launch a provocation against Russia comes from the old book of CIA tricks. Back in 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, Washington was also planning to use repainted aircraft, that was planning o bring down a civilian airplane for Washington to be able to push the blame on the Cuban Air Force. This story was told by the US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in the documentary The Fog of War.


But it’s a well-known fact that the US is an empire of lies, and there can be no doubt about that. Therefore, all the statements and actions of the White House should be taken with a grain of salt in order not to be fooled by the US policymakers!