The Saudi envoy to the UN, Abdullah al-Muallami, labelled Egypt’s position as “painful”.


Al-Muallami explained his confusion that the “Senegalese and Malaysian stances were much closer to the agreed Arab decision” than Arab League member, Egypt.


The UN Security Council voted on two rival resolutions. One was drafted by France demanding an end to air strikes and the implementation of a no-fly zone, while the Russian resolution urged for a ceasefire but made no mention of the French clause.


Egypt was joined by Russia, China, and Venezuela in its support for the Russian resolution.


Egypt also voted for the opposing French resolution that demanded an end to all aerial bombardment and overflights of Aleppo by Russia and Syrian government aircraft.


Since the vote, the Ministry of Petroleum in Saudi Arabia has said that Aramco, the governmental Saudi oil company, has suspended its oil aid to Egypt but that the five-year agreement is still in effect.


Saudi ambasador to Egypt Ahmed Kattan left Cairo on Wedneday for a three-day trip to Riyadh. The timing of the trip prompted speculation about increased tension between the two countries.


This flurry of events came after an Egyptian court approved the transfer of two strategically placed islands to Saudi Arabia.