In case of Montenegrin “Democratic Front” (opposition, DF) victory in the upcoming parliamentary elections, sanctions against Russia introduced by the present government would be lifted, promised one of the DF leaders Andrija Mandic.




National elections to the Montenegrin Skupština (Legislative Assembly) are scheduled on October 16. The Democratic Front is not the only, but the sharpest opponent of the current leadership of the country headed by the PM Milo Djukanovic’s Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS). 


“In the case of victory, the DF will lift sanctions against Russia and annul the decision on recognition of the false state of Kosovo to remove those dark spots from the reputation of Montenegro. Djukanovic and other designers of ‘new’ Montenegro are doing their utmost to erase or falsify the glorious history of Montenegro for years”, said Mandic.


Earlier, on the eve of parliamentary elections, the prime minister of the Republic had summed up the quadrennial period of ruling the state and called integration into the North Atlantic Alliance as one of the main achievements of the Montenegrin leadership. He promised to continue the current course of foreign policy after the elections as well. According to Djukanovic, relations between Moscow and Podgorica would be restored some time after the republic will join NATO, with, according to him, “Russia has very good relationships”.