A total of 46 ceasefire violations by illegal armed groups were reported during the day in Syria, including 23 – in the province of Aleppo, 15 – in the province of Damascus, five – in the province of Hama, two – in the province of Latakia, and one – in the province of Daraa, the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties said in its regular daily news bulletin posted on the Russian defense ministry’s website on Tuesday.




“Armed groups which have declared their joining the regime of cessation of hostilities conducted fire from multiple missile launcher systems, tanks, mortars and firearms at the settlement of Azizi in the province of Aleppo and Aleppo’s district of al-Masharka and positions of government forces in Zahr al-Nayrab; at the settlement of Jobar, the Ibn Sina hospital and positions of government troops near farms in Qusayr in the province of Damascus; at the settlement of Ain al-Qantara in the province of Latakia. Several civilians were wounded in the settlement of Rashah in the province of Latakia as militants used an unmanned aerial vehicle with an explosive device,” the center said.


In the province of Aleppo, paramilitary terrorist groups shelled from home-made multiple missile launcher systems, mortars and firearms the settlements of Shufra, Al-Shkeif, Marj al-Sultan and Braij al-Rih, and Aleppo’s districts of Hai al-Ansari, Ramusi, Bab al-Hadid, 1070, checkpoint number on Castello Road, a carpet factory, the Castello trade center, and positions of government troops in the 1070 district (twice) and near a cement plant.


“In the province of Damascus, terrorist groups shelled the settlements of Harasta, Douma, Jobar and Hawsh-Harabu, the Ibn al-Walid hospital, a sports ground in the settlement of Jobar and positions of government forces in the settlements of Jobar (four times) and Hawsh al-Fara, a medical service school in the settlements of Hawsh al-Fara, Douma and Jobar,” the center said.


In the province of Hama, terrorists shelled the settlements of Maharda, Skandriya, Mureiwed and positions of government troops near the settlements of Skandriya. In the province of Daraa, the settlement of al-Qunaya came under shelling, as follows from the bulletin.


“No air strikes were delivered by the Russian air group and the Syrian air force at armed opposition group which have declared cessation of hostilities and informed the Russian or U.S. reconciliation centers about their locations,” the Russian reconciliation center said.