Once it becomes known about a number of violations during the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, which are scheduled for Sunday, October 16th. Opposition along with foreigners involved in the fraud, report about repeated attempts of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (with its head PM Djukanovic) to dishonestly pan out for their own benefit. 




Bosnia and Herzegovina’s portal “Bosnjaci” has published list of the representatives of its diaspora with whom the Montenegrin DPS has already contacted or planned to contact. Some of them have confirmed about promises to compensate journey costs, if they will cast votes in Montenegro. 


Ziyad Shkriel from France confirmed that the DPS promised to pay him 250 euros for his vote:


“Yes, Izet Shkriel had called me. They said, I will come by bus if I support everything. When I asked if it was true that all the costs would be compensated, Izet told I could get 250 euros”, he said to the “Viјesti” portal.


Erna Licina from Slovenia also said she received a call from the DPS and was offered money if she would come. Haria Rastoder from Switzerland admitted she would come with her brothers, their tickets would be paid. Several other people have confirmed they were contacted from Montenegro but cagily had answered on questions about money. 


Altogether, there’re several hundred of surnames in the list provided by the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s portal. All of them are marked with different colors depending on the answer of “voter” on the proposal of the Montenegrin ruling party. The list of coordinators with their phone numbers is also provided. However, their phone numbers had been specially taken for electoral purposes: when the journalists tried to call them, all subscribers were unavailable.


Montenegrin authorities have decided to choose the coordinators only in places with Bosnian population throughout their diaspora, says the portal. 


The opposition bloc “Democratic Front” has also stated they are holding information about the plans of the ruling party to attract foreigners into the elections.


One of the DF leaders Slaven Radunović during the press-conference said that a special voting procedure (bypassing the law, of course) is prepared to people from abroad, who doesn’t have documents for permanent residence in Montenegro.


“Those persons would be prosecuted and we will notify the appropriate authorities in their countries”, said Radunović.


His colleague, Nebojsa Medojevic, said that Djukanovic’s regime, in order to form a whole “army of phantom voters”, issues fake documents to foreigners on which they would be able to vote during elections. The documents are delivered from Bulgaria due to the relationships with the local mafia.


According to the data obtained by the opposition, the purchase of counterfeit ID cards is massive. 


Medojevic added that the Democratic Front would submit all available evidences to the prosecutor’s office. 


On October 16, Montenegro will hold parliamentary elections. The ruling Democratic Party with it’s leader Milo Djukanovic has been in power for 27 years. In addition to systemic opposition, in the form of “The Key” coalition, the major Democratic Front, consisting of a wide range of opposition parties and movements, also opposes the ruling party. Those elections are considered to be fateful as the renewed power will decide on the possible accession of Montenegro into NATO.