The Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has criticized French President’s Francois Hollande speech during the PACE meeting in which he called on Kiev to fulfill Minsk agreements. 




“He [Hollande] wants elections [in the Donbass] immediately after the cease-fire and withdrawal of troops!”, wrote Avakov on his Facebook page.


“The French president is taking much upon himself; firstly there were awful remarks by the French Foreign Minister Eero during his visit to Ukraine, and now President Hollande had joined this!”, the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry continues.


Avakov urged the European Guarantee not to prescribe how Ukraine should act. “And I tell you, Mr. Hollande, don’t dictate us what to do”, he said. 


In his statement Interior Minister of Ukraine mentioned that he is not a diplomat, and ready to fight for freedom, with the support of friends but not traitors. “I hope that through the equivocations of the “diplomatic dances”, it will be clear for you, Mr. President, that Ukraine is not going to buy its freedom and independence but is going to fight for them! And counts on the support of friends, and not on a betrayal of companions”, he wrote. 


On Oct. 11, during the PACE session in Strasbourg, Hollande said that the Ukrainian authorities should take responsibility for the implementation of political reforms proposed by the Minsk Agreements.