Montenegro is on the verge of parliamentary elections. The political rivalry involves not only the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, led by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, and the opposition parties, but also to third parties. For more than 27 years of Djukanovic’s governance the country has been corrupted. This is cigarette and drugs smuggling. Moreover, the Italian prosecutor Giuseppe Scelsi officially stated that Djukanovic was the head of Montenegrin mafia. The media confirms his close link with criminals in other countries. One of the key roles in the criminal business of Djukanovic plays by Albanian mafia.




According to Interpol and Europol, Podgorica is one of the world centers of the international chain of drug trafficking. It is also controlled by high-ranking officials and representatives of law enforcement agencies of Montenegro. Criminal groups operate not only in the capital, but also in Rosae, Niksic and Berane. Montenegrin port of Bar is controlled by the Albanian mafia and is used to transport cocaine from South America. Then, on the “Balkan route” drugs are delivered to Europe.


The illegal revenue from the drug trade flows is invested in development of the organization “Kosovo Liberation Army”. The Albanian diaspora also strengthens its positions in Montenegro claiming a number of Montenegrin regions.


The Albanians in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro itself are tacitly supported by Washington. That’s why the Albanian mafia has sufficient financial and military resources so as to destabilize the situation in Montenegro on the eve of parliamentary elections. The political crisis in the country, caused by the increasing Albanian problem would be beneficial to Djukanovic. The uncertainty of social and political situation and total chaos would be used as a pretext to postpone the elections.


In 2006 before the presidential elections in Montenegro the Albanians tried to implement a similar scenario. The Albanian diaspora, financed from the US, held the programme “Flying Eagle”. One of its objectives was to organize terrorist attacks in Podgorica and its suburbs.


It is possible that the Democratic Party of Socialists will also attempt to disrupt the elections,the outcome of which is not yet seem to be brighter for it.