What’s the secret of nonsense going on in Montenegro for many years now where a local corrupt “kinglet” covers the dirtiest organized crime ever in Europe and tightly controls the situation ignoring mass protests and publicly revealed cases of corruption and illicit enrichment?




The answer is simple. Djukanovic has made the system where one hand’s washing the other. This is due to artificially created atmosphere of fear and threats in Montenegrin society where people have no means to fight with a prosperous system of open bribery of officials of all levels and the suppression of law-abiding citizens.


It’s no secret that Djukanovic’s clan controls both the financial flows in Montenegro and the local elites. His family privatized illegally one of well-known banks “Prva Banka” about ten years ago. Now it’s some kind of “money laundering machine” for the Montenegrin Prime Minister and his affiliates like the drug king Darco Sarić, organized crime leaders Rodoljub Radulovic, Stanko Subotic and others. The bank had earlier illegally received multi-million subsidies from state budget to recover but all the money disappeared without a trace in the abyss of Prva Banka.


From time to time the bank is used by Djucanovic to encourage the right people and the right structures by irrecoverable loans. Meanwhile all the financial losses of the bank are reimbursed by the state.


Such loans were given to MPs, judges and businessmen close to Djucanovic, relatives, including his sister Ana Kolarevich with a EUR 48,000 credit which hadn’t been repaid and others. Many strange companies were granted with irrevocable credits on hundreds of thousands of Euros. Among them “Mediteran Projekt” D.O.O. (Budva), owned by Djordje Vujović and Luss Investments LP (EUR 250,000), “Carsko Selo” D.O.O., owned by Ivana Filipović and Gordana Brković (EUR 247,000), Navigo D.O.O. owned by businessman Vladan Pavković (EUR 350,000), D.O.O. “Feromon Plus”, (Nikšić) owned by Dragan Narančić and  Darko Vukmirović (EUR 200,000). Some of Djucanovic’s relatives and buddies got credits as compensation for “special services”, like participating in corrupt schemes or being loyal to the “family”. Sometimes loans were given for unofficial financing of Prime Minister’s Democratic Party of Socialists. And that was a very good way to control hesitant ones.


The impunity and permissiveness became the hallmarks of “Prva Banka” owned by Ako Djukanovic (brother of Milo Djucanovic) since the first major drug traffic finance operations in Europe back in 2007-2008. According to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), “Prva Banka” violated international conventions on combating terrorism, the basic principles of Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) and gave loans on favorable terms on the total amount of EUR 7.4 million to offshore companies Lafino Trade LLC (Delaware, USA) and Camarilla Corporation (Seychelles) controlled by drug king Darko Sarić. Grateful Sarić deposited in the bank about 6 million Euros in 2008.


Besides Darko Sarić the bank willingly credited transactions of Milo Djukanovic’s teammate Branislav Mićunović for smuggling cigarettes and another drug lord, Naser Keljmendi’s financial operations.


According to MANS research site “Prva Banka’s” scam of delivering huge (total amount of EUR 21 million) doubtful loans to the companies of the PM’s close friend and a Serbian businessman respected in the criminal circles Stanko Subotic remained uninvestigated. This case includes also the Futura Monte d.o.o., Adriatic Investments d.o.o., San Investments d.o.o. (see chart).




In its audit report the РricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has directly pointed to violations of the law, an illegal practice of bank granting loans to inner circle of the Montenegrin PM.


Publication of the so-called “Panama Papers” in late 2015 opened some new corruption cases in the political environment of the Prime Minister. MANS research site says that documents contain the facts of joint illegal business activities of PM Djukanovic, deputy prime minister Petar Ivanovic and drug king Darko Sarić.


Financial operations and interaction management ownership in Montenegro (FC Mogren, Budva and others) of foreign companies like “Adriatic Overseas Holding”, Nikomat LLC, both Nova Star LLC and the associated “Nova Star CG”, controlled by Sarić brothers and some members of the government require a thorough investigation.


DPS Chairmen become the primary cause of the corruption that infects the entire party’s leadership. Miloš Marović, the son of  Svetozar Marović (one of the DPS functionaries) together with Dragan Bećirović (the trustee of PM Djukanovic) founded the “Nummerico Trade” in Cyprus. According to MANS that company got multi-million loans for unsecured bank guarantees for the construction of aqua park in Budva using political lobbying.


One can conclude that Djukanovic has very high patrons that forgive him all these “little perks” like cronyism, nepotism and corruption for some special merit though it is destroying the country like cancer. It seems he is not afraid of anything and anyone. But this is not quite true.


Milo Djukanovic is scared. He shakes at night and can’t sleep. He speaks from the tribune about the country’s imminent accession to EU and NATO but in fact he doesn’t want it.


He understands that the country’s entry into the community of civilized nations will certainly destroy his immunity as an “untouchable leader”. As a result of independent investigation he’ll be put in jail like all the regional “kinglets”. Prison is not the place where he’ll be able to use his loot.


One of the U.S. presidential candidates says that NATO can defend its member-countries but there is a price to be paid. That’s a sign Montenegro will soon be cleared of the parasitic regime if it want to be a member of the North Atlantic Treaty. Montenegro is willing to pay this price without a delay. And increased attention of top-ranking American diplomats to our country in recent years is a good proof.


However there is still hope for the Montenegrins. I mean hope for justice and a better future. Montenegro and its proud people deserve a better and honest leader of the country.