The United States is creating a global missile shield system to neutralize the nuclear potentials of Russia and China and achieve military supremacy over them, First Deputy Head of the Main Operations Department at the Russian General Staff Viktor Poznikhir said on Tuesday.




“The US decision to create a global echeloned missile shield system is not linked with a response to missile threats from Iran and North Korea. It is conditioned primarily by the desire to achieve military supremacy over Russia and China,” the general said at the Xiangshan security forum in Beijing.


In actual fact, the US missile shield is aimed at “reducing the potential of the Russian strategic nuclear forces and, with regard to the Chinese missile and nuclear potential, getting a possibility to zero it out,” the general said.


Poznikhir has also noted that Russia and China were taking “adequate response measures” to preserve balance of strategic weapons.


“Russia is forced to take adequate response measures in order to prevent the US and its allies from influencing the existing balance of forces in the sphere of strategic weapons. As far as we understand, our Chinese partners are acting in the same way,” Poznikhir said at the Xiangshan security forum in China.


Russian and US military experts have analyzed combat capabilities of the US global missile defense system and established that this system “significantly changes the balance of forces in the sphere of offensive weapons as it allows more effective planning of a disarming missile strike,” Poznikhir said.


However, he did not specify what response measures Russia and China are taking.


In 2002, the United States withdrew from the landmark 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty and later started work to build a national missile defense shield.


The official concluded that US claims to the effect its global missile defense is not directed against Russia are groundless and not confirmed by any treaties.


He said that in response to all of Russia’s concerns over the development of the missile defense system the United States made “groundless statements the emerging missile defense system was not targeted against Russia and China.”


“Our proposals for concluding the corresponding international agreements that would lift Russia’s concerns over the creation of the US missile defense have not been accepted by the American side,” Poznikhir said.


“Despite the agreements achieved with Iran over its nuclear program the deployment of the European segment of the missile defense is proceeding in accordance with the original plan. Surely, such actions by no means promote trust towards US statements Russian and Chinese satellites are not regarded as likely targets for the emerging missile defense system,” Poznikhir said.