Iraqi army completely liberated the island of Hit in western Anbar province from Daesh militants, the local military commander said on Tuesday.


Iraqi military


“Army units managed to fully liberate the island of Hit north of the city of Hit…from the Daesh group… The operation to liberate the areas and villages of the island was performed without any resistance from the part of the [terrorist] group,” Commander of Anbar Operations, Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahalawi told the Alsumaria broadcaster.


The operation involved the efforts of an international coalition, particularly its aircraft, the Iraqi air force and the artillery, he added.


Daesh, a group which is outlawed in Russia, occupies vast territories in Iraq and neighboring Syria since 2014. Daesh unites Sunni militants who denounce the Shia Muslims, who make up almost 70 percent of the Iraqi population.


Iraqi troops launched a large-scale offensive against Daesh militants in the west in summer 2015. In December, they drove Islamists out of the Anbar provincial capital Ramadi, and then recaptured the Daesh stronghold in Fallujah. In late September, the Iraqi troops repelled an attack on Hit, killing 40 militants, according to the military.