The Government of Montenegro is selling the country to those who support the current election campaign of the ruling party of the Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. To achieve this, means of the Montenegrins from abroad, which have been provided for the development of agriculture, are used inappropriately.




As part of the upcoming parliamentary elections on October 16, the Government of Montenegro is going to use all available management tools and financial resources to make the maximum profits for the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) without any shame.


On September 27, in Podgorica had been held the first meeting of the newly established Council for cooperation with emigrants. It was aiming to efficiently use the capacity of Montenegrin emigrants and diasporas in the upcoming elections for the DPS. The Council consists of 80 members, including senior government officials, diasporas and other relevant institutions (among them is the well-known businessman, living in the US, Refik Refko Radončić).


The head of the political party of the Albanian minority “Democratic League”, Nikollë Camaj has immediately reacted to this event. The politician called the first organizational meeting, convened in a few days before the elections, as a “a classic trick, disorderliness of the election process and slander of the authorities and the ruling elite”. However, he believes this falsehood won’t be able to fool “the Albanian minority in Montenegro” as they are up to speed on the “DPS are fighting only for votes, and has long before shown their true face”. Semir Hodzic, head of the Bosnian democratic community, had the same reaction. Therefore he stressed that the DPS never hangs on to “lies, manipulation, threats and corruption in their campaign”.


Nevertheless, Milo Djukanovic was elected as a leader of the Council for cooperation with emigrants. This gives him more opportunities to get even more votes for the Democratic Party of Socialists from the foreign diaspora. This meeting of the Council sheds light on the meeting held in New York two weeks before.
The Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic before arriving to New York on September 20, held a meeting with the representatives of Montenegrin diaspora in the US. The meeting was organized by the famous businessman Refik Refco Radončić in his hotel in Manhattan. In his speech, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the community of emigrants for their “contribution to the restoration of Montenegrin sovereignty” and “the assistance of modern Montenegro, as they are its integral part”.


One might ask whether the “restoration of Montenegrin nationhood” is really the work of the community of emigrants and the diaspora? Was it an error in translation? Perhaps the humanitarian and cultural activities? Or the financial support? No. Not only. On the upcoming parliamentary elections Djukanovic counts on the Montenegrins abroad – he is forced to campaign abroad as well. That is Djukanovic’s well-calculated chess move, a kind of unbalanced trade. What he sells, and that wins in this case? It seems that it is the beginning of a big sale. Sale of Montenegro, the sale of the homeland…


Recently, behind closed doors the government headed by Milo Djukanovic has adopted a program on financial help for the Montenegrins, who will return to their homeland to take part in the parliamentary elections on October 16. The main question is for whose money? Responsible for carrying out the program is a Deputy Prime Minister Petar Ivanović; Foundation for Investment and Development organizes funding.


The task of the fund is to allocate the amount of $ 50 million, which recently been transferred from the Development Fund of Abu Dhabi for the development of agriculture in Montenegro, on the most favorable conditions. Rather than lead the influx of money into agriculture, they will serve as payment on votes for Djukanovic. It was even planned to invite Albanians and Bosnians from Montenegro, who live in Germany, France, Austria, the USA, Turkey and some other countries, so that they could fly via “Montenegrin airlines” and other airlines, and in very special cases even by the charter flights to give people an opportunity to cast their votes in the elections.


The reward for each “voter-tourist” covers not only the price of the ticket but also takes account of additional 100 euros per person – for cash expenditures. Currently, the program provides the participation of 15,000 members of the foreign diaspora. The aggressive campaign emanating from the principle “to find everyone!” aims to invite Montenegrins living abroad for the parliamentary elections, has already begun and is in full swing.


What is the Development Fund of Abu Dhabi and who is behind it? Who organizes the funding and thus determine the strategy and policy of the diaspora for a long time? The first one is Mohammed Dahlan, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, a Palestinian with a Montenegrin passport, who is a very good friend of Milo Djukanovic and has already attracted attention on himself. The second – is US-based Fethullah Gülen. Thanks to his own “Dahlan Foundation” Mohammed is at the origins and has influential relations and close ties of friendship with opponents of Erdogan and Gülen preachers, who was accused by the Turkish authorities in an attempt to organize the coup in July this year. With the support of Dahlan and Djukanovic, a huge number of Gülen’s followers appeared in Montenegro and the Balkans. Moreover, they have settled there with personal assistance and help of Milo Djukanovic. Now in an easily accessible place, Gülen followers have the Mediterranean University, the International Language Centre in Podgorica and the hostel in Rožaje.


Djukanovic promises numerous bonuses to the business structures of some Arab states and the Albanian community in Montenegro if they will support his candidacy and the Democratic Party of Socialists in the elections on October 16.


These bonuses consist of more favorable conditions for the land and property acquisition during a new round of privatization of state properties. Montenegro is offered for sale. Sales for the privileged customers!


It has already started. Do not miss. Do not be late. According to reports, “Dubai Investment Corporation” has already bought yacht harbor “Porto Montenegro” in Tivat for €210 million. While the real cost of the harbor is four times higher. It is whispered that according to unwritten conditions to he special offer on Montenegro, the rest will rapidly run a ring, fall to the “Big Fishes”. The big sale continues!


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