The latest round of presidential debates in St. Louis on Sunday showed that Donald Trump is not planning to surrender any ground to Hillary Clinton and can mount an effective counterattack, according to a US-based expert interviewed by TASS.




The Republican presidential nominee clinched an unexpected victory during the debate, said Andrei Korobkov, professor of Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University.


“To my surprise, it looks like Trump won,” the expert said. “Both candidates were focused and none of them faltered. As usual, Hillary was more spectacular with figures and programs, but Trump showed his sense of humor and was much more self-collected and disciplined than usual, he shed light on Hillary’s two chief problems rather spectacularly.”


“First, there are the numerous mistakes that she made during her stint as the Secretary of State and in her previous political activity. Second, he brilliantly portrayed her as part of the elite and that she has very serious problems with the law,” the political scientist elaborated.


“In general, as always Hillary was more telling in regard to real problems and specifics. Trump outplayed her at an emotional level and in what concerns highlighting the sides of her personality and her previous work,” he said.