The young politician from Montenegro, representative of the Democratic Front Nikola Jovanovic told IN4S news portal that Djukanovic’s regime has brought crime, corruption, and political discrimination into the country and therefore a fight against it is a matter of honor and dignity.


Nikola Jovanovic


According to him, Montenegro has deserved the change of power.


“We are witnesses of how the DPS supporters suddenly and illegally got rich. An example of this is Djukanovic himself and his family. His brother made a fortune of several million euros after the sale of the Limenke building, his sister is involved in corruption schemes for the privatization of Telekom, son received a monopoly in the energy sector. This includes his surroundings as well. It is terrible that it has become the norm in Montenegro”.


According to the politician, the very system of values established by the regime is unnatural for Montenegro. 


“The system was introduced by those who rants about morality, but humiliates and destroys Montenegro himself, fuels religious and national strifes, sows intolerance. They manipulate people’s feelings, so they did not notice the genocide against them, did not notice the moment of division – on an incredibly rich and powerless”.


Nikola Jovanovic believes that the young generation was most affected by Milo Djukanovic’s regime. Because of privatizations, enriching of oligarchs their families lost their jobs. It’s possible to remain without a livelihood because of political views.


“Our generation has not even seen the real chance. If everything will continue as it is now, we will remain in the vicious circle of the system, subject to corruption and cronyism in government, political discrimination. Therefore, I believe that the struggle against the regime is a matter of honor and dignity. I feel a civic duty in this”.