The amendments are aimed at reflecting the opinion of those Hungarian nationals who support Orban’s “zero migrants” policy despite the low turnout at the referendum on EU migrant resettlement quota held on September 2.




The turnout for the referendum stood at 38 percent, which is well below a 50-percent threshold necessary for the vote to be valid. However, of those 3.1 million Hungarians who cast their vote in the referendum, over 98 percent said they were against the migrant quota system.


Orban and his supporters stand for “saving the country’s identity and culture” from the influence of the 1,300 refugees and migrants that the European Union plans to resettle in Hungary.


In September 2015, the European Commission announced a plan to relocate 160,000 migrants across the bloc depending on the size of each member-state, its population and socio-economic parameters. Under this scheme, Hungary must accept some 1300 refugees.