Syria plans to continue cooperation with Russia in struggle with terrorism and it hopes to weed the danger of terrorism out on its land, the Syrian Ambassador in Moscow, Riyad Haddad told Rossiya’24 news channel on Thursday.




“We’ll continue cooperation with our Russian friends in order to defeat terrorism and extremism,” he said.


Along with it, he voiced doubts over whether or not struggle with terrorism was a goal of the international coalition set up by the U.S.


“We’ve heard many a time the U.S. assurances in this respect and yet we don’t see any result,” he said. “Americans themselves don’t have an understanding of what they want. They don’t see a clear solution to the conflict in Syria.”


Haddad said it was important to destroy all the terrorist groupings operating in Syria if someone wanted to reach peace and tranquility in Syria.


“President Assad said winning over terrorism is our objective and we shouldn’t stop at the current achievements but should continue our war versus terrorism and extremism,” Haddad said.


“We see the terrorist organizations are still present on the Syrian soil and we can’t leave the fact just like that,” he said. “We must eliminate them.”