Russian Defense Ministry has refuted a report by the press service of the Finnish Defense Ministry that said a fighter jet of the Russian Aerospace Force violated Finnish airspace over the Gulf of Finland earlier on Thursday.




A Sukhoi-27 jet of the Aerospace Force performed a scheduled training mission over the neutral waters of the Gulf of Finland on October 6, 2016, and did not deflect from the designated flight path, the ministry said in a press release, adding that this was confirmed by the objective air situation data.


The Finnish Defense Ministry said earlier on the same day a Russian Sukhoi-27 jet had violated Finland’s airspace. The incident allegedly occurred at 16:43 East European Summer Time over the Gulf of Finland to the south of the town of Porvoo and the jet supposedly remained in Finnish airspace for about a minute.


“The aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force has been performing all the flights in strict compliance with the international regulations for air navigation over neutral waters without breaking into other countries’ airspace.


Finnish authorities have come up with statements on Russian military aircraft’s alleged incursions into Finnish airspace on a number of occasions in the past.