The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has conducted an analysis of Ukraine’s economic situation as a result of the organization’s financial support programs to the country.


According to UN Radio, IMF experts concluded that the Ukrainian authorities have managed to implement a number of important economic measures. This is in spite of political tensions which resulted in a change in government in April this year. The experts especially made note of budget adjustments, an increase in gas and heating tariffs to fully recover the costs thereof, and efforts to rehabilitate the banking system.


However, the experts also stated that the speed at which the pension system and privatization is being reformed, as well as the fight against corruption, does not meet expectations.


Ukraine received the third tranche of the IMF loan of $1 billion, in accordance with the EFF program, on the 16th of September. Ukrainian authorities have promised the IMF that they will implement the reforms.


Ukraine has already received approximately $7.62 billion from the IMF.