Nobody is interested in worsening relations with Russia, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said at the opening of another meeting of the Russian-Italian council for economic, industrial, currency and financial cooperation.


Paolo Gentiloni


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich is chairing the meeting. Gentiloni believes that Russia should be cooperated with in such matters as the settlement of regional crises, the migration problem and the struggle with terrorism.


“This forum is one of the pillars of our economic interaction with Moscow. Of late, purely economic matters have been complemented by tourism and culture,” Gentiloni said.


He recalled the political complexities the Ukrainian crisis had brought about and the sanctions against Russia that followed.


“Nobody, neither the European Union nor Italy, is interested in worsening relations with Russia. On the contrary, cooperation with Russia opens up many opportunities, but it should be built on mutual trust,” Gentiloni said.


He underscored the importance of joint work with Russia on the settlement of crises, from Ukraine to Syria, the search for a solution to the migration problem and also the struggle against terrorism.


About the situation in Syria Gentiloni said once again that Moscow was expected to carry out positive mediation and cause influence on Syria’s President Bashar Assad.