Some 13,908 people are entitled to army conscript in Ukraine on October-November 2016, whereon UAH 41.6 million allocated for this purpose.


According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 684 dated September 22, which is released on the official website of the government, 7, 908 people will be sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 5,000 people to the National Guard and 1, 000 people to the State special transport service out of the total number of conscripts.


The Cabinet has allocated UAH 41.6 million for carrying out the conscript, of which UAH 23.7 for carrying out a conscript to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, UAH 14.9 million – to the National Guard and UAH 29.9 million – to State Special Transport Service.


The volume of costs per one conscript is UAH 2 thousand 993.13, out of which UAH 2,900 allocated for the payment of financial help to citizens of Ukraine, who are called to active military service; UAH 93.013- for the preparation and conduct of the conscript to active military service (excluding food and transportation means for Ukrainian citizens called up for military service from assembly places of regional, Kyiv City military registration and enlistment office to the place of the military service).


As the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported later on the official Facebook page, the conscript will finish on November 30, 2016.


At the same time, army discharge of those who have served fixed term of time military service has started. A total number of those who must be released in October-December of 2016 is 8,315 people.


“Conscripts who received a draft notice for the arrival to the draft office (regional assembly point) must arrive at the point and at the time indicated in the draft notice. If under any circumstances the notice was not received, the citizens of military age are required to appear at the draft office in ten days period from the beginning of the respective regular conscript as defined by the decree of the Ukrainian president,” the report says.


Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, the State Special Transport Service were charged to transfer until October 4, the funds to the accounts of regional, Kyiv City Military Draft Offices. The Interior Ministry and the State Special Transport Service until October 4 are to receive the funds of the Defense Ministry in the amount of UAH 1 million 383,650 and UAH 276,730 respectively for the transportation and food for Ukrainian citizens called up for the active military service to the National Guard and the State Special Transport Service.


Interfax Ukraine