One of the leaders of Ukrainian Nationalists, the head of the Nationalist Party “Brotherhood” Dmitry Korchinsky during an interview with Ukrainian media stated that after the demolition of Soviet monuments there’s a need to take on Polish monuments. 


Lwów Eaglets memorial


According to Korchinsky, Poland doesn’t like Ukraine and Ukrainians should paddle own canoe.


“It’s just hard to admit that someone really doesn’t like Ukrainians. Our Polish brothers really don’t like us, the same I can tell about the majority of our Jewish brothers. And many others. We just need to say goodbye to the last illusions … For example, at the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lvov there is a memorial “Lwów Eaglets” devoted to the soldiers of the Polish Army (adults and adolescents) who died during the Ukrainian-Polish war of 1918-1919 in fights against units of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic. It will definitely have to be destroyed. But after we will destroy the last monument to the “Soviet liberators”. We need to prioritize. At first this, and then maybe the turn will come up to the monument of Eaglets…”, he said.


The memorial “Lwów Eaglets” had played an important role in the formation of modern Polish patriotism and nationalism. It proved that Lvov’s civilian population rose up to fight against regular military units of Ukrainians, among them were women and children.