The plan on refugee quotas imposed by the EU is “totally unrealistic,” says Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. He adds that migrants are not eager to stay in such European countries as Romania , Hungary or Poland, preferring Austria or Germany.




“I think the measure to distribute [some] 160,000 refugees throughout EU member states in two years is wrong… The European Union should no longer cling desperately to it [the refugee quota plan], [Europe] should say goodbye to it,” Kurz said in an interview with German Die Welt am Sonntag newspaper. 


According to the minister, the target of EU “is totally unrealistic.”


The distribution of refugees by EU quotas doesn’t function, because many countries are not ready to receive a high number of asylum seekers, he said.


“The debate on the distribution of refugees by quota may jeopardize the entire European Union. It is a dangerous [issue] that causes unrest, misunderstanding and hostilities.”