The Russian newest strategic nuclear submarine, the Vladimir Monomakh, was handed over to the Pacific Fleet.


The Russian Vladimir Monomakh newest strategic nuclear submarine has arrived in Viluchinsk (Kamchatka) after its transfer to the Pacific Fleet. The submarine has been moored near a modern pier, which had been specially created for submarines of new generations.


Military seamen were met by Chief of Staff of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Igor Osipov, who also congratulated them with accomplishing of the assigned tasks.


The Borey class is a new class of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, which are produced by the Russian Federation and operated by the Russian Navy. The Severodvinsk-class submarine is a new Russian attack submarine. It is planned that the class will replace the Delta IV, the Delta III and Typhoon-classes submarines, which are currently in Russian Navy service. The class has received its name after Boreas, the North wind.