Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on extremist charges against the leaders of Ukraine’s Right Sector – Dmitry Yarosh, Andrey Tarasenko, Andrey Stempitsky, Valery Voronov and Artyom Skoropadsky, as well as other members of the organization.




“The department for investigating crimes involving the use of outlawed means and methods of war of the Investigative Committee’s Main Investigations Directorate in cooperation with the Federal Security Service FSB and the Interior Ministry has obtained evidence against the leaders and activists of the Ukrainian extremist organization Right Sector, which is outlawed in Russia under a resolution passed by the Supreme Court of Russia,” the IC’s press-service said.


“On the basis of the collected evidence criminal proceedings were instituted against the Right Sector leaders – Dmitry Yarosh, Andrey Tarasenko, other senior members of that organization Andrey Stempitsky, Valery Voronov and Artyom Skoropadsky and other persons under Part 1 of Article 282.2 of the Russian Criminal Code (Criminal Organization Activities).