US may launch military actions in Europe, if they would consider there is a threat to European countries. This was announced yesterday by a member of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council Igor Morozov during a press conference in Moscow. 




He recalled that under the decision of the NATO Warsaw Summit, alliance management, which traditionally carries out the United States, can make their own decisions on the beginning of hostilities.


“NATO commanders take decision on a military operations, and during the day resolve all issues related to war and peace in Europe. As to NATO Council, they meet every other day and decide whether to continue fighting or not”, Morozov said.


According to the senator’s data not only NATO headquarters, but also objects associated with material support: ammunition depots, medicines, fuel and lubricants are now being transferred to Russia’s borders.


“This means that the other side is preparing for war. It is a war based on new principles and conditions, where hypersonic weapons are used. If this will happen on our borders, we will be forced to answer: with “Iskanders” and other combat capability. And then there is the war in Europe which will force the Americans to creep away quietly”, Morozov said.