Syrian missile units hit hard the terrorist groups’ gatherings and bases in the Eastern side of al-Mesri square and the Southern side of the power company in Daraa al-Bald, inflicting major damage on their sites and vehicles.




In the meantime, several vehicles of the militants were also targeted by the Syrian missile units at al-Sa’ad crossroad in Daraa al-Mahatta.   


In relevant developments in the province on Monday, the entire members of a terrorist group were killed after their gathering in Dara’a al-Mahatta in the Central part of Daraa city came under heavy attack by the Syrian Army troops.


Syrian army soldiers stormed a concentration center of a group of terrorists in on the Southern side of Busra Square, leaving the entire militants in the position dead.


In the meantime, Syrian military forces targeted militants’ strongholds in al-Talaybeh square and Southwestern side of the Fourth intersection in Daraa al-Mahatta, ending in destruction of terrorists’ vehicles.


Syrian soldiers also clashed with terrorists in al-Karak neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad.