A police operation is underway at Leipzig Messes railway station after an alleged bomb threat. The train has been evacuated, however the suspect passenger is still on board.


Bomb threat in Germany


Sachsen police have confirmed they are working with Bundespolizei Pirna and Deutsche Bahn to investigate the incident and have detained one passenger on the train.


A police spokesman told Leipziger Volkszeitung that a passenger “freaked out” on board the Intercity Express 2302. The man was then contained by train attendants in a carriage.


The train was stopped at Leipzig Messe station after the man began behaving aggressively and police are trying to establish whether he posed a real threat to other passengers.


Local reporters claimed a man threatened to blow up the train, which was en route from Munich to Berlin.


The suspect is being detained on the train and the route is expected to be blocked for up to five hours.