Russian and Indian motorized units have used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during the joint military drills “Indra-2016” to find and destroy “illegal armed groups,” Vladimir Matveyev, head of the information department at the press service of the Eastern Military District told on Tuesday.




“During the drills, units of the Eastern Military District and Indian Armed Forces, with the help of Russian unmanned aerial vehicles ‘Orlan-10’, trained together to find conditional groups of illegal armed groupings. With use is UAVs, the servicemen of the two countries also practiced laying routes to transport tactical groups to the areas with illegal armed groupings in order to block and conditionally destroy them,” Matveyev said.


On the Russian side, among participants in the drills are two mechanized infantry companies; a tank company; howitzer, self-propelled artillery and rocket batteries; a flamethrower squad. A motorized battalion of 250 people is participating in the military exercise from the Indian side.


In total, over 500 servicemen and up to 50 units of equipment are taking part in the drills, along with a group of UAVs, and assault and army aviation of the Eastern Military District.