Nearly every EU state could follow in the footsteps of the UK and vote to leave the bloc, French Member of Parliament responsible for European affairs in President Francois Hollande’s party, Philip Cordery, has said.


Cordery was speaking at a Fabian Society fringe event at the UK Labour Party Annual Conference in Liverpool.


“I think what happened in the UK at the referendum could have happened [in] almost every other country in the European Union – except in the other countries no Prime Minister would have been as irresponsible as to ask for a referendum,”Cordery, who is half English, said, as quoted by The Independent.


“If we look today, euroscepticism is growing everywhere, populist movements are growing everywhere in Europe,” he added.


Cordery also said that there is a widespread perception in Europe that the bloc is moving in the wrong direction.


“We’ve suffered from 10 years of tough austerity policies at the European level and people don’t see the EU as progress in terms of jobs, in terms of the economy, in terms of social progress.”


Philip Cordery used to serve as the general secretary of the Party of European Socialists, a group whose aim is enhancing mutual cooperation within the EU.


The British people voted to leave the EU during a referendum in June, and the process of Brexit is very complex: as of now, neither a timetable nor the terms for it have been set up.