Montenegrin power in fact is not a power but veiled anarchy that swallows our country day by day, commented to News Front activist, leader of the movement “Pushback to hopelessness” and the candidate of the Democratic Front.




Only in the last 50 days on the territory of Montenegro 6 brutal mafia killings on the background of disputes in criminal circles have occured. This is metastasis, which became as the consequence of a long reign of one person, one family, one party.


So October 16 is not only the elections day,  but also our self-defense. We choose not between political parties, our choice is against the Mafia, which absorbs the state, and which has swallowed agencies and laws long ago.


Today opposition has great chances than ever before. We can send Djukanovic to the political history, through the prison. If he would manage to come to power by deceit, he should borne in mind that protests like last October would wait for him. And this time he and his colleagues will run away from us on the streets. 


Asked why the “Pushback to hopelessness” has decided to join the Democratic Front, Milacic said that in such a situation they can not allow the political division of the opposition votes, otherwise they would fall into the hands of the ruling party of Milo Djukanovic.