he Pakistani Army and the Russian Ground Forces have come together in military exercises for the first time, with around 70 personnel from Russia’s Southern Military District (SMD) mechanized infantry brigade, stationed in the Karachaevo–Cherkessian Republic, and a total of 200 troops in total taking part on both sides. The drills will take place at the Army High Altitude School in northern Pakistan’s Rattu and at a special forces training center in Cherat.


Pakistani military


“Personnel from the Southern Military District mechanized infantry brigade have arrived at a field camp base in the Cherat range to take part in the first large-scale Russian-Pakistani Druzhba-2016 exercise…The exercise will take place between September 24 and October 10, 2016, at the Cherat training range,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday.


Russian troops arrived on board an Il-76 military transport aircraft, fully equipped with mountain gear and ammunition.


The drill will involve experience sharing and will aim to develop coordination in carrying out practice combat tasks in a mountainous environment, including operations against illegal armed groups.