The election campaign of “Democratic Front” opposition in Montenegro is unprecedented for the country, and consequently caused increased attention and concern from the current government, said on the eve chairman of the Democratic People’s Party Milan Knezevic during a meeting in the town of Niksic.




“In the ranks of the DPS (the ruling party in Montenegro, – Ed.) is panic, Milo Djukanovic and Dusko Markovic asking us about our video campaign … Members of DF are under surveillance”, said Knezevic.


According to him, more activists are joining the opposition forces, mostly young people, and has also suggested pro-government parties to hold at least one meeting, comparable in size with the Democratic Front rallies.


Knezevic also noted, that the first foreign policy steps of the new government if the opposition elected, would be the lifting of sanctions against Russia, withdrawal of “Kosovo” recognition and a referendum on NATO membership.