The Western media agencies, especially those headquartered in Berlin, are spearheading the information war effort, acting on orders from Washington and spreading lies, half-truths and misinformation about Russia’s actions in Syria, Contra Magazin reports.




According to the author, these media outlets accuse Russia of bombing hospitals, bakeries and killing civilians, citing sources like an article in the Washington Post or some eyewitnesses allegedly sent to Syria on behalf of the UN.


It should be noted that at the present time there is no official Daesh-related UN mission in Syria, the author points out – the only UN personnel stationed in the region is tasked with monitoring a ceasefire between Israel and the Arab states.


Nevertheless, the US and European media agencies keep citing official sources while never providing direct links to specific statements or online publications by said sources that would confirm their accusations against Russia, Contra Magazin notes.


Also, while covering the situation in Syria, the Western media often prefer to omit the fact that certain Western countries are responsible for funding Daesh, instead focusing on claims that Russia seeks to keep Assad in power to further its interests, the author points out. They also often ignore the fact that since the talks in Vienna, Russia maintains contact with the Syrian opposition and helps it fight against Daesh.


Lying became an integral part of the Western freedom of the press, the author remarks, so it’s small wonder that in order to back up their accusations against Russia these media agencies cite eyewitnesses who either come straight from the US or are funded by so called ‘philanthropists.’