Straight two fatal accidents happened at the Yavoriv military training ground. 




According to the military prosecutor’s office of the Western region of the country data, on September 16, at about 17:50 on the territory of theInternational Center for Peacemaking and Safety military camp, one of the serviceman had violated the rules of handling weapons, as a result a bullet from a Kalashnikov got to the chin of one of the military. A soldier died on the spot.


Another emergency happened around 21:40. During firing practice, the IFV’s machine commander lost a landmark and  shot neighboring vehicle.


“Due to the penetration of armor tower, commander of the second vehicle was wounded in the neck, – said in the military prosecutor’s office. – The victim died on the way to the hospital.


In both cases were opened criminal cases under part two of Article 414 of the Criminal Code – “Violation of the rules for handling weapons, causing injuries to several persons or death of the victim”.