Some 5,000 migrants were forced to flee Monday when dozens of tents and shelters at the Moria camp were torched in a blaze sparked when migrants of different nationalities got into a brawl.


The people arrested — including Afghans, Iraqis as well was one national each from Senegal, Syria and Cameroon — were taken into custody over the violence that led to the fire, a police source said.


“Calm has returned to the (island),” the source said, adding that 40 riot police had also been sent to Lesbos. “But the situation is still changing.”


According to police, fires set during the brawl spread through the camp, destroying 60 pre-fabricated structures, 100 tents and three shipping containers that housed camp services.


The fire cleared out the camp, with Greek media showing images of women fleeing with babies in their arms. However, no injuries have been reported.


A ministerial source said the Moria camp would be rebuilt as soon as possible. In the meantime authorities were placing families at another camp on Lesbos.