Before resignation Obama legalized Satanism at the state level


American Satanist religious leader Lucien Greaves has expressed gratitude to the President and the Government of the United States for the understanding of the interests of American Satanists. It’s about decision making of the federal government to allow to carry out optional classes on Satanism in all schools across the country. In public schools, textbooks for these electives will now be funded by the state.




Exactly one year ago in Detroit, on July 25 monument to Satan was unveiled. The sculpture consists of three figures – a satanic deity of Baphomet, and boy and girl, standing at his feet and gazing lovingly at him. Unfortunately, namely children are becoming victims of Satanic “Black Masses”. According to the American defenders, each year in the US are found 5000 dead bodies of unidentified children. Quote of pediatrician from Los Angeles, Dr G. Simpson: “It should be recognized that the satanic acts against young children are a terrible reality. In our country – it is an acute problem and physicians should attract the attention of our society”. The FBI recently acknowledged the existence of more than four million Satanists in the United States. The case is that the satanic movement has always had tacit support from the American presidents (Freemasons – Satanists), and since President Reagan, this support has gained public. Reagan publicly acknowledged the important role of Satanism in contemporary American life. Satanic influences affected not only the US government, but also the largest corporations. Thus, on March 1, 1990, during one of the broadcast of Phil Donahue’s TV-show shoke out executives of the corporation “Procter & Gamble”. They told viewers that they were followers of the Church of Satan and allocate considerable funds for its support. It is well known that many companies have also joined them.





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