On Monday, an alleged arson at the Moria reception center forced up to 4,400 people to flee the camp amid protests against overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions at the facilities.


“Based on initial reports, the fire [at the reception site on Lesbos] did not cause any casualties but at least 30 people are reported to have light injuries and have been taken to hospital. Over 50 UNHCR Refugee Housing Units, accommodating some 800 people, were completely destroyed,” Spindler said during a press briefing.


He added that around 95 unaccompanied minors housed at the Moria camp were evacuated to the Pikpa reception site located nearby.


According to the UNHCR, the cause of the fire has not been ruled an arson yet, but confirmed the critical security situation at Greek reception centers due to overstretching of capacities for hosting refugees and migrants.