The chair noted that the preliminary result indicates United Russia gains 140 mandates in accordance with party lists. Second-place Communist Party gained 13.45 percent of the votes, or 35 seats, while Liberal Democrats gained 34 seats, followed by 16 seats for A Just Russia.


Russia elections


“I would like to point out that 7 percent of the protocols have not been counted, there may be some changes. But at this time United Russia has 203 mandates in single constituencies, the Communist Party — seven, A Just Russia — seven, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia — five, Rodina — one, Civic Platform – one, and one self-nominated. A total of 225 mandates,” Pamfilova told reporters.


In total, the governing party gains 343 seats in the State Duma, with 42 seats for the Communist Party, 39 for the Liberal Democrats and 23 for A Just Russia — all four parties that gain entry into the seventh convocation of the lower house.


Turnout at the elections, described by Pamfilova as “much higher in transparency than the previous campaigns” and observed by 264,000 people, was estimated at 47.81 percent.