On Saturday, an explosion erupted overnight in Manhattan’s busy Chelsea neighborhood, injuring 29 people. Later that day, a bomb exploded near a US Marine Corps charity race in the city of Seaside Park, New Jersey, about 82 miles south of New York City. Nobody was injured in the New Jersey attack.




Also on Saturday an attacker off-duty police officer shot dead a suspected attacker who stabbed nine people inside a mall located in the US city of St. Cloud, Minnesota.


“Under the leadership of Obama & Clinton, Americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. Time to change the playbook! Saturday’s attacks show that failed Obama/Hillary Clinton polices won’t keep us safe! I will Make America Safe Again! Terrible attacks in NY, NJ and MN this weekend. Thinking of victims, their families and all Americans! We need to be strong!” Trump said in a series of tweets late on Sunday.


Clinton also condemned the attacks earlier Sunday.