As I am trying to reflect on how the territory still called Ukraine has fallen into the abyss, it is worth considering the process based on my own observations. At my age of 43, I remember the Soviet period, the disintegration of the USSR, the birth of the robber capitalism with accompanying poverty and social polarization, the nascent nationalistic lunacy and the dumbing down of the populace. Throughout all this time I have lived in the town of Sumy in the north-eastern part of Ukraine.




The memories of my childhood and early adolescence in the Soviet Ukraine are the brightest and the happiest. They include the travels around the USSR (mainly to the black-sea resort sites with my parents and my cousin’s family. For my class-mates group trips were organized as far as Leningrad and Volgograd), school vacations in the small district center in the cottage of my grandparents, fishing and hunting expeditions with my father and grandfather (that was a pastime they could afford with the family owning several rifles and shotguns).


The differences between the Russians and Ukrainians were not pronounced (mitigated by the common Soviet environment), although analyzing them from today’s perspective, I see that they still existed. I remember my father, who had served in the army in the Orel military district, referring to the Russians as much better guys. My grandfather, who was born in the Smolensk region of Russia and was a military pilot, simply stated that he wanted to go back to Russia. Living in the area bordering on the Russian Federation we had close friends in the Kursk region. They, as well as my cousin’s family in Lugansk, were somehow more open, candid, sincere and friendlier than the folks surrounding me.


At this point I am treading on risky ground making certain allegations about the national traits of Ukrainians (both innate and acquired ones). But it is necessary in order to have a better idea of what is happening in Ukraine now and why it has become possible. It should be noted that a certain number of Ukies (primarily those ones who nowadays have been duped into considering themselves the descendants of the “great Ukrs”), even under the most favorable conditions, were self-centered, envious, hypocritical, double-dealing, obsequious, ill-wishing (“I wish my neighbor’s cow would die”), not caring about others (“I have nothing to do with it”, “It is no business of mine”, “It’s no sweat off my back”). However, the degree to which they were prone to these characteristics differed on the basis of their heritage, the area where they lived and, most important, their inbred mentality.


The population of Ukraine is made up of different ethnicities and sub-groups, for example, those who live in the west, center and the south-east. For example, when the Soviet Ukraine was founded, its capitol was moved to Kharkov, not Kiev. And for good reason. Kharkov was a Russian, predominantly working class city with corresponding mentality and outlook, while Kiev was a morass of hucksters and petty bourgeoisie (the Soviet movie “After two Hares” is a splendid illustration of this types and their mindset). These “enlightened, civilized and European” Kievites (although roughly 80 per cent of them were born elsewhere) have been in the


privileged position: while Donbas and other industrial centers toiled and produced wealth, their blood, sweat and tears were sucked by the oligarchs and siphoned off to feed office plankton in Kiev, who deemed themselves the new elite looking with the aloof contempt on all others.


One of the most disgusting traits is the obsequiousness and servility of the Ukies especially in their dealings with the bosses and the powers that be (the most corrupt in the world!). In Sumy, near the regional internal affairs headquarters my visiting relatives from Lugansks were flabbergasted by the manner in which a man on point-duty, on seeing the approaching limo with top brass, stood at attention stretching his whole frame and saluting vigorously. One should only see his moronic subservient stance and expression. My Luganks relatives said that in their region such a scene would have been impossible. I also remember driving in a car to Kiev with two of my superiors. They made the driver honk his horns repeatedly while driving through a settlement where the head of the organization was born. Another colleague of mine always kept nauseating me by insisting (I am not kidding!) that it is important to “knuckle down to the bosses” and “to lick it up to them”.


Regarding the people from the western Ukraine I like what president Putin said about these self-proclaimed “Europeans”: “For centuries they lived under the rule of either the Poles or the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They were always the third-rate creatures without any rights – just abject serfs. And this remains in their subconscious to these days”. I can only imagine the impotent fury of all these freaks. But Putin’s remarks really hit the bull’s eye.


One of my former acquaintances represents one more breed of the Ukies (although he is a Russian-born in Ural). One female creature of such type used to rip the ribbons of St. George from the war veterans during the Victory Day celebration in Odessa and burn them on the eternal flame. Later she was expressing her dissatisfaction to a TV crew saying that they were so keen to become a part of Europe and Europe did not seem to want them. In fact, the likes of this creature do not really need Europe. What they wanted above all is “lace pants” for themselves. They believed they were the best, the brightest, the indispensable and somehow they should be allowed to slip into the EU and may the other rabble burn in hell.


In the Soviet time these detestable traits were subdued to a considerable degree. But after the collapse of the USSR they all flourished and were stimulated from the outside. The sinister Dulles Plan envisaged the destruction of the Soviet Union during the Cold War by secretly corrupting the cultural heritage and moral values of the Soviet nation: “…we’ll make use of drunkenness, slander, spying; we’ll make use of incredible corruption; we’ll stifle every genius in its infancy. (…) But one or two generations of vice are essential now; monstrous, abject vice by which a man is transformed into a loathsome, cruel, egoistic reptile. That’s what we need!”


And that is what happened with the Ukies. I see these reptiles jumping on the Maiden, wearing embroidered shirts, painting everything in blue and yellow colors wailing “Moskals on the knives”, praising ATO heroes – murderers, thugs and fascists, howling their sepulchral anthem (Ukraine has not died yeeeeeet” – even a former American ambassador admitted that on hearing this cacophony he felt a strong urge to jump out of the window and make a dash for it). But I am convinced that in the nearest future all this froth will be defeated, that the healthy and decent forces will prevail on the basis of people of Novorossiya, all other sane and decent people in Ukraine and even the sheeple spoon-fed with idiotic propaganda will come to their senses.