Greco-Catholic Church of Ukraine has accused Kiev Patriarchate in ignorance of the history and in provocation of religious conflicts between Catholics and Orthodox. They have also supported the Vatican’s policy concerning dialogue with the Moscow Patriarchate. 


This was stated by the Diocese of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi, Bishop Basil Ivasjuk.


“In Ukraine there are political forces who want discord between the Greek-Catholic Church of Ukraine and the Vatican, but, despite this, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church supports the Pope’s position on dialogue with the Moscow Patriarchate, and on the situation in the country”, he stated. Commenting on the religious conflicts in the Ukrainian society, Bishop supported the official position of the Vatican in spite of threats from the Kiev Patriarchate’s side.


The priest of the Greek-Catholic Church of Ukraine, Doctor of Theology, Peter Iskiv stressed that the information attacks on the Vatican, which are carried out now in the country, are due, above all, an ignorance of the history of Christianity as a religion. “Those who are speaking this way, just do not know the history of religion. These attacks on the Vatican are caused due to ignorance of its policies both in Ukraine and in the international arena”, Iskiv said. According to him, the provocation of the Kiev Patriarchate is not related to the signing of a declaration between the Pope and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, it is aimed at inciting inter-confessional and inter-ethnic strife between Catholics and Orthodox in Ukraine. 


Earlier, Papal Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti said that after the Maidan Ukraine went the wrong way in its development. This statement drew sharp criticism from the UOC-KP’s side.