Representative of the Svoboda (Freedom) nationalist organization beat up a Russian citizen, who came to the Russian embassy in Kiev to vote at the Russian parliamentary elections, TASS reported from the site.




At first, the nationalists would not allow him to the embassy, and then began beating him. The police interfered with the fight at the time the man was already lying on the ground and the nationalists beat him up with feet. The police chose not to detain the attackers.


A leader of the Svoboda organization, Igor Miroshnichenko, laid on the ground at the entrance to the embassy the Russian national flag so that anyone getting in cleared shoes on it.


The police do not interfere with provocations of the nationalists, who are calling on Kiev residents to come to the embassy to block the voting there.


A rally at the embassy continues now – the protesters hold up insulting posters, which tell Russians to vote on the Russian territory only.


Earlier, 112 Ukraine TV channel reported about disorders at the Russian embassy in Kiev. A group of radically behaving young people tried to block entrance to the embassy on Sunday.


112 Ukraine said that several people attempted blocking the entrance and then began breaking the fence. Law enforcers began fighting them. An attacker was detained.


The police chained the building and would not allow the protesters to the embassy’s territory.


On Sunday, elections to the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of Parliament, are in a split system: 225 members of parliament will be elected by party tickets, while the other 225 are going to be elected in one-seat constituencies. More than 111 million people are eligible to vote in the elections and no minimal turnout is required. Fourteen parties are on the election ballot