On Friday, the head of the News Front Serbian edition, Oksana Sazonova, and video operator Sergey Belous were detained in Velika Hoca when they were filming a story about Orthodox churches and the coexistence of Albanians and Serbs in the region.


Oksana Sazonova


According to the News Front news agency head Konstantin Knyrik, the journalists were detained over alleged violations of visitors’ requirements in Kosovo. They were taken from Velika Hoca to Kosovo’s capital, Pristina.


“The journalists are in a police detention center for foreigners in Pristina. They are safe. They are suspected of violating the conditions of residence in Kosovo. On Friday, they will probably face restrictive measures. Most likely, it will be deportation,” a police source told RIA Novosti on Friday.


According to the source, apart from two News Front journalists, former chairman of the Strpce community Zvonko Mihajlovic was also detained on Thursday, but was released shortly after.


“The Russian diplomatic office in Pristina and the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, Metohija have been informed of the incident,” the police source said.