Scuffles broke out on the Greek island of Chios, police said Thursday, during a protest by locals demanding the departure of some 3,500 refugees and migrants held there.


Greek refugee camp


Riot police were deployed late Wednesday to keep a crowd of 800 people from approaching two migrant camps, a police source told AFP.


“A few bursts of tear gas” were fired when the protesters tried to break through the cordon and reach one of the camps, the officer added.


State agency ANA said journalists were also chased from the scene. One of them said he was struck by a protester allegedly linked to Greece’s neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.


Four camp volunteers and a migrant were also briefly detained when they came out of the facility, the police officer said.


There are now over 60,000 refugees and migrants in Greece, most of them seeking to travel to Germany and other affluent EU countries.